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Governance and Versioning

As an extension to the 360Giving Data Standard, the DEI Extension is managed outside of the governance process of the 360Giving Data Standard itself.

360Giving is the steward of the DEI Extension. Our CEO is responsible for its day-to-day management, supported by a Product Manager and an external specialist technical team, Open Data Services Coop.

Aims and Approach

Our aims and approach for maintaining the DEI Extension are as follows:

  1. Compatibility with the 360Giving Data Standard: to maintain compatibility with the latest release of the 360Giving Data Standard.
  2. Compatibility with the DEI Data Standard: to maintain compatibility with the DEI Data Standard itself whenever possible. Updates to the DEI Extension will be issued in a timely manner to bring it in line with changes to the taxonomy structure and codes included in the DEI Data Standard, as well as any guidance about how to apply this to publishing the data alongside 360Giving data.
  3. Use semantic versioning: to use semantic versioning to version this extension. MAJOR updates will not be compatible with previous versions of the extension, MINOR updates will add new features that are backwards compatible, and PATCH updates will fix bugs and amend documentation.
  4. Consider stakeholders’ needs in the revision process: to consider stakeholders’ needs and follow 360Giving Data Standard revision processes when making updates to the DEI Extension.


The DEI Extension is versioned using Semantic Versioning.

The version number of the DEI Extension and update processes and schedules are separate from each: the 360Giving Data Standard; and the DEI Data Standard.

This means there may be times when data shared using the DEI Extension does not match the latest version of the DEI Data Standard.

The version number and all notable changes are documented by Release via the Changelog.


All notable changes to the DEI Extension are documented by Release via the extension‘s Github repository.

Getting further help

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