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About this site

This site provides information to support anyone who wants to publish open grants data using the 360Giving Data Standard.

The guidance is divided into five main sections.

Guidance for publishers

Main guide

This section features guidance about preparing and sharing 360Giving data. Here you will find examples and practical support to help you navigate the whole publishing process.

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Grants to individuals

This section features templates, guidance and codelists designed to support funders of grants to individuals with responsible publishing of data about their grants using the 360Giving Data Standard which protects the privacy of individual recipients.

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Technical information

This section features the full technical reference for the 360Giving Data Standard, including templates and detailed field guidance. Here you will find the rules of the Standard, which all 360Giving data must follow in order to be compliant.

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About the Standard

This section features information about governance and change management of the 360Giving Data Standard itself. Here you will also find out how you can contribute to the maintenance and development of the Standard.

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This section features information about approved Extensions to the 360Giving Data Standard. Here you will find publisher guidance as well as detailed field guidance and rules for including optional fields and structures alongside 360Giving data. Currently, there is one approved extension used for the publication of DEI Data Standard data.

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Getting further help

This guidance aims to support funders through the 360Giving publishing process. If you can't find the information you need or you have further questions email 360Giving Helpdesk. You can help us improve this guidance by filling out our feedback form.