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Terms of Reference - Stewardship Committee of the 360Giving Data Standard

  1. Role of the Committee
  • 1.1 The Stewardship Committee of the 360Giving Open Data Standard (the “Standard”) oversees and accounts for the appropriate and timely maintenance of the Standard, including what upgrades are required and the process for making them.
  1. Primary activities
    • 2.1 The Committee’s primary activities are to support and provide advice to the Chief Executive of 360Giving on any issues with the Standard and how to address them, including:
      • Reviewing the Standard reference template, data and spreadsheet formats and the classifications used.
      • Ensuring that the schema documentation remains up to date.
      • Reviewing any changes, upgrades or extensions that may be required to the Standard and advising on a process for how and when to address them.
    • 2.2 The Committee will review the Standard at minimum on a biannual basis, ensuring that it remains fit for purpose and guided by principles of good practice for managing open data standards.
  2. Appointment of members
  • 3.1 It is 360Giving’s aim that the Committee includes a minimum of one member from each of its key stakeholder groups, including its Board, staff, publishers, open data experts and end users.
  • 3.2 Committee members will be appointed through an open and transparent process. Any person wishing to become a member can nominate themselves and will be appointed on the agreement of the Chief Executive of 360Giving and in consultation with the other Committee members.
  • 3.3 There is no limit on how long members can be appointed for.
  • 3.4 Committee members will not receive any financial or other benefit, but they may be reimbursed at cost for reasonable out-of-pocket expenses (against presentation of supporting receipts) incurred in relation to attending Committee meetings, or other activities undertaken at the request of the Chief Executive of 360Giving.
  1. Chair
  • 4.1 The Committee may appoint one of their members to be the Chair of the Committee for such term of office as they determine. The Chair will be appointed by a majority vote of the Committee. The Chair will advise the Chief Executive of 360Giving on appropriate maintenance of the Standard and on the approval of the Committee.
  • 4.2 The Chair cannot be a paid employee of 360Giving.
  1. Committee proceedings
  • 5.1 The Committee will meet every six months to review the 360Giving data standard, formats and classifications and to discuss whether any changes or upgrades are required.
  • 5.2 The Committee is expected to meet in person at least once per annum.
  • 5.3 The Chair shall convene and preside over all Committee meetings, coordinating with the Chief Executive of 360Giving as required to ensure that members receive relevant documentation in advance. Additional meetings may be convened at the request of two Committee members. In the Chair’s absence, another member can be nominated by those present to preside.
  • 5.4 At all times the Committee will work to promote, support and uphold the principles of transparency in its activities by making full and accurate information about its activities and proposals publicly available so that anyone can review them. These Terms of Reference were prepared on 16th August 2016 by 360Giving and approved by members at the inaugural Stewardship Committee meeting on 1st December 2016.
  1. Conflicts of interest
  • 6.1 Committee members are to declare any direct or indirect interest (whether personal, or by a duty of loyalty to another organisation) that conflicts, or might conflict with the interests of 360Giving and the appropriate maintenance of the Standard at the outset of any discussion on the relevant issue.
  • 6.2 Any declaration of a conflict of interest is to be noted in the public record of discussions, together with details of any proposals made.
  1. Individual member’s responsibilities
  • 7.1 Committee members will at all times: Remain appropriately informed on 360Giving’s open data Standard and operating environment. Endeavour to attend all Committee meetings, ensuring that they are adequately prepared to contribute to the discussion. Exercise independence of judgment, acting legally and in good faith to promote and protect 360Giving’s interests. Contribute to the broader promotion of 360Giving’s objects, aims and reputation through the application of their skills, expertise, knowledge and contacts.
  • 7.2 Members shall at all times have unrestricted access to all information, records and documents relevant to the 360Giving Standard.
  1. Amendments
  • 8.1 The Committee shall periodically review these Terms of Reference to ensure they remain relevant to and are consistent with 360Giving’s overall strategy and goals. It will advise the Chief Executive of any recommended changes to the Terms of Reference and/or its membership.