Get Data


A list of all known data in the 360Giving format can be found on the website at:


A JSON feed of this data can be found at the following endpoint:

Requests to the endpoint will return a JSON file that contains a number of records about data sets.

The JSON is an array of objects in the following format:

     "title":"Title of the dataset",
     "description":"Description about the dataset",
     "identifier":"An internal identifier for this dataset from our 
                  storage system",
     "license":"A link to the license information for this dataset. 
                  Should be a valid URL",
     "license_name":"A human readable title of the license given in 
                      the license field",
     "issued":"The date (YYYY-MM-DD) this dataset was first 
                        recorded as published",
     "modified":"The datetime that this record was last changed.
                       The change could relate to any of the metadata 
                       about the dataset", 
     "publisher": {
        "name":"Name of the organisation publishing this dataset",
        "website":"Should be a valid URL to a website of that publisher",
        "logo":"Should be a valid URL to a logo for that publisher. 
                You may not necessarily have permission to use this 
                logo for your own purposes.",
        "prefix":"The unique 360Giving prefix used by this publisher
                  to identify the grants they publish."
     "distribution":[ {
        "downloadURL":"A valid URL to directly access the data",
        "accessURL": "A valid URL, usually to a web page, where access 
                      to the downloadURL can be found. The web page 
                      usually has other useful information about the data",
        "title":"Title of the dataset"}


How often do people update their data?

Not often. A call to the JSON endpoint once a day would probably be more than enough.

Do I need an API key?


How can I follow changes/developments?

This documentation is maintained on GitHub

As the documentation changes we will publish a changelog on this page.

How do I report bugs

Please use the GitHub project:


Creative Commons License
The JSON feed found at the endpoint is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.


2017-04-13 - Adds license information to this page

2017-03-27 - Adds the issued and modified fields

2016-06-28 - Adds the prefix field to the publisher list

2016-06-07 - Changes links to list of all known data and to the JSON feed

2016-05-24 - Added the license_name field

2016-05-22 - Documentation first created